Dreaming big & already feeling “the love”

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As we approach Valentine’s Day & work hard to keep our new year’s resolutions, we can all be grateful for the horse- giving us both a reason to dream big and offering a true reflection of all that love should be- kind, free, steady, strong, and peaceful…

Arrow’s Walkers horses are taught to be loving, kind, and sensitive… they are “designed” that way.  The breeding program focuses on conformation, vigor, disposition, and gait.  Also considered is the rarity of certain bloodlines- such as the Montana Traveler line, Double- Dismond Ranch stock- which incorporates the blood of all-time great Hill’s Perfection, and a favorite Colorado line- Blue Gold.

Weaning continues, which has resulted in a few new additions to our sales list.  Our 2 and 3 yo stud colts are being readied to geld.

On the Market- “Luna”

A few more we are “readying” to offer:

Arrow’s Mr. Perfect, 2014 palomino stud colt

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